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​​Scott Beuerlein - For Hire

Horticultural Speaker & Writer

Hey, I'm Scott, and I'm writing this now. Couldn't find anyone other than family or friends to write it for me for free, and I don't trust any of them. They would surely say mean things. I have learned over time that it generally works best for me if I can keep new people in my life away from them for as long as possible.  So, I'm going to just own this, write it in the first person, and avoid that creepy, icky, obit-like feeling that came over me when I have tried to write about myself in the third person in the past.  

Anyway, I'm a Horticulturist at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and damned happy and proud about it. I don't do much designing, planting, trimming and all that anymore. Miss it, but I am slotted as the outreach guy. Among other things, I dip my toes into community projects, I'm waist deep into plant trialing, up to my neck running the Zoo's Best Plants for Pollinators Program, and way over my head with our horticultural  symposiums.

The symposiums have been hugely successful and are the pride and joy of my life. For the early ones, we leveraged my boss' (Steve Foltz) wide network and long history of horticultural street cred to hook great speakers. Now, with the Cincinnati Botanical Garden & Zoo becoming a rising star, we bring 'em in mostly by word of mouth and momentum alone.

Not to name drop, we have had the joy and honor to present many of the best Horticulturists in the word. People like Tony Avent, Dr. Allan Armitage, Dr. Michael Dirr, Nancy Buley, Paul Cappiello, Kelly Norris, Carol Reece, Panayoti Kelaidis, Janet Draper, Laura Ekasetya, Peter Zale, Greg Paige, Phil Douglas, Claudia West, Guy Sternberg, Roy Klehm, Rick Crowder, Mike Berkeley, Keith Warren,  John McGee, Tim Wood, Jim Nau, Steve Castorani, John Hoffman, Shannon Curry, Andrew Bunting, Allen Bush, Mike Hayman, Bill Hendricks, Mark Rose, Anna Brooks, Shelby French, Jim McCormac, Mace Vaugh, Natalie Boyle, David Mizejewski, and a bunch of others. We aim for a stimulating mix of A-listers, budding young geniuses, and beloved, venerable, old-time experts for a wonderful blend of great information and fun. 

You can find out our current round of symposiums on the Zoo's website, here:

Our next symposium will be the Native Plant Symposium on November 9th, and will feature another once-in-a-lifetime lineup of Doug Tallamy, Larry Weaner (author of The Garden Revolution), Larry Mellichamp, and Paul Bouseman.

In my spare time, I wrote many articles and the Only in Ohio column for State by State/Ohio Gardener until it went under. I'm currently writing the Deep Roots (back of magazine) column for Horticulture Magazine, at least until the post-bankruptcy sale is finalized and the new owner can determine if my hefty fee is a deal breaker or not. I've also published articles and photos in other long lost publications. All told, I would guess I have published 100-150 articles in magazines that no one is willing to pay for these days, which is too bad. Many were great publications.  

Through a friendship with legendary plantsman Allen Bush, I was invited to contribute to the smart, groundbreaking, influential, and world-respected blogsite Garden Rant. I became a partner in 2017. I contribute a monthly blog, which is a lot of fun. I'm hoping to find time to contribute more.

I love to give talks to professional and gardening groups, and I've had the pleasure to speak to groups as large as 500 and as small as 12, including the ONLA's CENTS Show, the Mid Atlantic Short Course and Trade Show, the Michigan Landscape Association, the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association, the Indian Nursery and Turf Association, the Ohio Turf Association, The Indianapolis Museum of Art/Newfields, The Ohio Club, The Youngstown Men's Garden Club, The Gathering of Plantsmen, the Allen County Master Gardeners, the  Master Gardeners of Clark County, the LaGrange County Master Gardeners, Indiana Master Gardeners, the Evansville MGs, Cuyahoga County MGs, and many more.

For a List of Talk Titles, Please Click on the SERVICES ​tab.

Garden Writer

Copyright © Scott Beuerlein. All rights reserved. 


2019: The "Building Community Award" from the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati.

2019: Two Gold Medals from Garden Communicators International for a GardenRant blogpost and for one of my columns in that was published in Ohio Gardener. Magazine.  

2018 Citation Award from the Garden Clubs of Ohio

2018 Johnny Appleseed Award from Taking Root 

2012 Garden Recognition Award from the Cincinnati Horticultural Society

Comments on My Talks

​"...our guests greatly appreciated your knowledge, presentation skills and especially your humor! I have had the opportunity to collate the evaluation forms and the feedback was fabulous! 95% of our guest gave you the highest rating for your presentation skills. 96% gave you the highest rating for knowledge of and presentation of subject matter; and 94% gave the highest rating for "I enjoyed this presentation" with 39% listing you specifically in the fill in question "What I enjoyed most about this event"! These numbers are unprecedented!"

"Have to tell you that my day was made by your opening the Cuyahoga County MG Fall Seminar last week. Thanks so much for your participation with very welcome humor!"

"Our hort folks attended the MAHSC earlier this year. I asked them for some notable presentations on speakers and your name got several asterisks!" 

Comments on My Writing 

“Scott Beuerlein brings his own brand of wacky irreverence to garden writing—and it is much needed there! He's got the knowledge and the background, as so many do, but his liveliness sets him apart. Does he occasionally go too far? Perhaps, and that risk-taking is the mark of aspirational writing.”

"He’s so funny, with lots of fresh language and good storytelling.”

"I found myself wishing I could write as well as he did."

"I laughed, I teared up, I laughed again, and then teared up some more. You have a gift for carrying your readers right into your manic projects and their aftermath."

"One of the best pieces I’ve ever read on this site…and I will read it multiple times, especially since it hits so close to home. Thanks for sharing your story Scott "

​"I’ve never read a post that made me both genuinely laugh out loud and well up with tears. Scott, thank you. And may there be much more gardening and growing in your future."

​"LOVED this brisk rundown—-GREAT sense of humor—-The final item on the list was killer! Look forward to more of your contributions—-"

"IMO, probably one of the most important blog posts a gardener could read."

"You are a marvelous writer and captured the cancer diagnosis/ journey so truthfully, and the life-affirming gift of having a garden to tend."

"Thank you for this essay, it’s both hysterically funny and horrifying. You’re the Evil Knievel of gardening! I’m just an amateur. I trip over the hose while carrying a bag of pine fines (soft landing if you fall forward), or slip on wet pavement and wind up with bursitis in the hip from a bone spur that developed from the bruise (easily cured with a cortisone shot and exercises). No deep cuts, no broken bones, no flying chainsaws. I usually conceal these minor mishaps from my husband, but I guess that’s not an option for you…who would drive you to the ER?"

"Oh how I loved this! As a full time caretaker, my garden is my therapy and refuge. ...Thank you for this lovely and funny essay."

"ha ha ha! Super – my wife kept asking “What are you laughing about?”! Methinks we may have a Southern writer, munching on that telltale crustulum lunare (maybe washing it down with a beer…?) Thanks for that!"

"That was awesome! Reminded me of Dave Barry with a hort bent. Please sir, may I have another!"

"I have so very much enjoyed this post. The grandma years had me rolling, but so very accurate when you start thinking how one generation can see a plethora of change. Thanks for a great read."

"Profound, beautiful, honest, revealing, moving – everything good writing should be. Scott, I hope someday you publish a book of your own, a gardener’s memoir full of such ruminations and insights, humor and truths. "

"Wow. This guy can write!"