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Scott Beuerlein

Hey, I'm Scott, and I'm writing this now. I couldn't find anyone I trusted enough to write my website for me, so I'm foregoing the pretentiousness of writing this in the third person like I had in years previous, back when I felt bound by convention.  So I went to the trouble of finding my password and reacquainted myself with Go Daddy's web manager, and undid what I had done when I thought I had no choice but to do it.

Anyway, I am a Horticulturist at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and damned proud of it. At this point, I'm fairly useless as a field horticulturist. I'm not especially proud of that, but I do somehow manage to manage the Botanical Garden's outreach, and I am freakin' proud of that! I dip my toes into community projects, I'm waist deep in plant trialing, up to my neck running the Zoo's Best Plants for Pollinators Program, and way over my head with our horticultural  symposiums.

Of those, I would say I'm abrasively proud, which come to think of it might be the definition of arrogant. It's a fine line. I hope I'm on the better side of that, because these programs simply wouldn't be what they are without the support of an amazing team at CZBG all up and down the hierarchy, and especially from my highly respected and well-connected immediate boss. His name, BTW, is Steve Foltz. 

You can find out our current round of symposiums on the Zoo's website. Google Cincinnati Zoo. Click on Gardens. Click on Botanical Garden Education & Events, and there it all will be. (If I'm caught up.) Typically, a rockin' trio of symposiums just lousy with jaw dropping speakers.  So check out our programs: Sustainable Urban Landscapes Symposium, Plant Trials Day, and Native Plant Symposium. If you've been paying attention to who's who in Horticulture, you'll be in awe of our usual sampling of well-known A-listers and lesser known but brilliant geniuses.

In my spare time, I also write the Deep Roots last page column for Horticulture Magazine. At least for 2019. They tell me this is valuable magazine real-estate, and I hope my weird little essays are humorous, insightful, inspiring, and worthy of such space, because, if they're not, I guess I won't be doing that in 2020. I had suggested the column to be called, "The Horticulturist at the End of the Bar." Thought that summed me and it up perfectly, but that idea was vetoed somewhere in the editorial chain, and Deep Roots it became. But I'm not bitter. I suppose it's an okay name too. So, yeah, not bitter.

Through a friendship with legendary plantsman Allen Bush, I was invited to be a Partner in the groundbreaking,  influential, and highly respected Garden Rant blogsite. I contribute a monthly blog to it, which is a lot of fun. I'm hoping to find time to contribute more. 

Finally, for several years now, I've also been writing the back page column Only in Ohio for Ohio Gardener magazine. Before that I wrote the South Ohio Regional Report. All told, I've been published over 150 times.  

I also stand in front of big groups of people and speak, something that frightens the hell out of most people, but it doesn't frighten me. At least not anymore. I think I've gotten fairly good at it. People laugh, they cry, they come up to me afterwards and say nice things. Until I find out otherwise, I'm taking them at their word and therefore somehow managing to maintain my fragile ego. 

Garden Writer

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I Speak to large groups of people! 

You could say I'm an extrovert. A lot of people think I'm funny, but I'm really not. I'm just continually having my seriousness misinterpreted.

At any rate, I'm obnoxiously passionate about gardens and horticulture, so I go places and wear out any group or anyone who will listen.

For a list of my talks, click the Services tab above. For links to some of my articles and media appearances, just scroll down.