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Scott Beuerlein

Scott is a  Horticulturist at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. He manages the Botanical Garden's outreach, and is involved with plant trialing, education, and community projects. He runs the Zoo's three annual horticultural symposiums: Plant Trials Day, Sustainable Landscapes Symposium, and Native Plants Symposium. 

Scott also writes the humorous and insightful Only in Ohio column for Ohio Gardener magazine, and contributes a monthly piece to the influential Garden Rant blog site. Look for a column by Scott in Horticulture Magazine beginning in 2019. . 

Scott is a sought after speaker for green industry gatherings, symposiums,  garden clubs, and other horticultural groups.

Scott has written for numerous gardening and green industry publications, including monthly posts on Garden Rant, and the Only in Ohio column in Ohio Gardener. Look for his new column in Horticulture Magazine in 2019

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Garden Writer

Public Speaker

Scott delivers insightful and entertaining talks on almost any gardening or tree care topic.

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