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​Stuff Scott Is, Did, Or Does

  • Chairperson, Boone County Arboretum Collections Committee  (
  • Board Member/Founding Chair of Taking Root  (
  • Board Member/Past-President, CFGA ( 
  • Board Member/Past Chair Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry (
  • ​Past Chair Rare Plant Auction, Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati
  • Member, International Plant Propagators Society Public Relations Committee
  • Member, Garden Writers of America
  • Member, Green Industry Conference Planning Committee
  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • ONLA Certified Landscape Technician

Scott's interest in gardening began in 1987 with the purchase of he and his wife Michele's first home. Apparently, this awakened a Beuerlein family gardening gene, which quickly led to an ambitious organic vegetable garden and orchard...which spawned an interest in roses...which led to a collection of iris...which launched experimentation in growing plants from seed...which...which...and which.

With a move to another home in 1995, an obsession for ornamental gardening really took over, and a side landscaping business (Heritage Gardens) was started to help pay for the habit. An insatiable need for learning has driven Scott's rise from home gardener to his role as Manager of Botanical Garden Outreach at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and his standing as a nationally respected horticulturist, speaker, and garden writer. He has widened his horizons through life changing garden and nature  visits to Europe and Africa. 

In recent years Scott has turned his focus to the incredibly positive and important health aspects of gardening and gardens, especially for people who live in suburbs and cities. The importance of pollinators is another passion. But, of course, Scott will always begin and end any gardening discussion with a love for the beauty of gardens and plants.