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Below are some of Scott's most popular talks:

Planting for Pollinators: The who, what, why and how of planting a garden that will support the butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, and flies that are the foundation of the ecosystem that is your yard.

Why Horticulture Matters: A big picture view of the many health, social, economic, and environmental benefits achievable through more and better horticulture.

How To Become A Better Gardener Faster: What more could you want from a garden talk than one that takes you past the pitfalls and into the promised-land. Plenty of laughs! 

History of Horticulture in Cincinnati: A look at the rich and incredible history of horticulture in the Cincinnati region, especially with a focus on public gardens and the nursery and greenhouse industries. 

Season Extenders: Plants that provide late fall, winter, and early spring beauty are so valuable to the gardener and to wildlife. This talk lists plants which provide exceptional beauty into those difficult months.

Spring Sings But Fall Rocks: The best plants for the season's grand finale!

Ancient Plants for Modern Gardens: Plants that have been on the planet for millions of years are proven winners. Many are excellent choices for modern landscapes.

A Plantsman's Look at the Role of Hardscapes: Thoughts and philosophies on the important yet supporting role hardscapes play in gardens.

Good Trees for Bad Places: A look at the best tree selections for the toughest conditions.

Beautiful With A Will To Live: Oh yes they can. Plants that are just too mean to die.

Woodland Restoration: How to remove invasive plants and make your woodland the natural, healthy beauty it was always meant to be!

New Adventures in Establishing a Prairie: Chronicles a first time prairie installation, what went well and lessons learned.

Taking Root: A wide range of talks about the Taking Root tree planting initiative, which can be selected and tweaked to address any type of audience. 

All About Trees: This talk discusses why trees are such important elements in our yards and gardens and how to choose the best trees for your site. Important information regarding on caring for your trees is included.

Plants Too Good To Be Rare: This talk focuses on the many beautiful and easily grown plants that can make a garden special and unique. It also brings to light how seeking and growing the unusual leads to a lot of fun and great learning. 

A Mixed Bag: The Value of Plant Diversity: Diversity of plant material not only enriches our gardens, it enriches the environment and actually makes gardening easier and more beautiful.

The Argument for Annuals: A perfectly  respectable diatribe supporting this sometimes maligned group of plants.

Cool Trees of Cincinnati: A photographic tour of some of the area’s most beautiful and iconic trees. Discussion of which species make good garden plants is included.

Native Trees and Shrubs: An encyclopedic look at great native woody plants for Greater Cincinnati.

The "Best" Series - Self-explanatory plant talks.

     The Best Plants for Shade

     The Best Plants for Sun

     The Best Native Plants for the Ohio Valley

     The Best Annuals

     The Best Perennials

     The Best Shrubs

     The Best Trees

     The Best Grasses


Has anybody seen Scott?

  • International Plant Propagator Society Eastern Region Meeting, attendee, Newark, Delaware 9/23-9/27/18
  • America in Bloom, National Meeting, Keynote Speaker, Lexington, KY, 9/28/18
  • Master Gardener Conference, Speaker, Evansville, IN 10/20/18
  • Master Gardener Conference, Speaker, Cuyahogaa County, OH 11/3/18
  • Native Plant Symposium, Host, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 11/10/18
  • Fort Thomas Garden Club, Speaker, Ft. Thomas, KY 11/14/18
  • Ohio Nursery & Landscape Assoc., Speaker, Columbus, OH 12/12/18
  • Virginia Beach Short Course, Speaker, Virginia Beach, VA 01/14/19
  • Federated Garden Clubs, Speaker, Cincinnati, OH 01/29/19
  • Green Industry Conference, Host and/or Speaker, Sharonville, OH 02/07/19
  • Sustainable Urban Landscapes Symposium, CZBG, Cincinnati, OH 03/07/19